Geometric Data

About The Author

Hi, my name is Barret Schloerke. I am working under Di Cook, a statistics professor at Iowa State University. I am a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. During the summer of 2007, I worked on the whole site: making the data sets, viewing the data sets, and asking for guidence from my collegues. They include Dr. Heike Hoffmann (prof.), Hadley Wickham (PhD student), Spencer Bradley (Under Grad), and of course Dr. Di Cook, who was the whole push behind the project.

Geometric data has really interested me. I have been making geometric-like origami using the sonobe and PHiZZ folds since grade school. This origami is very similar to the platonic polyhedra. I use all five of them in my work, along with the Truncated Icosahedron, or soccer ball. After mastering concepts of the two folds, I have expanded to make both flat and "mountain-like" tessellations for a 2-D plane. After finding new polyhedra, I have been inspired to make different new objects using the same type of folds and seeing the similarities between the different objects.

- Barret

Dec. 2007