About Me

`hello()`! Dr. Barret Schloerke is a Software Engineer on at RStudio. He currently develops and maintains many R packages surrounding the Shiny ecosystem at RStudio including reactlog, plumber, learnr, leaflet, and shinyloadtest. Dr. Schloerke received his PhD in Statistics from Purdue University under the direction of Dr. Ryan Hafen and Dr. William Cleveland, specializing in Large Data Visualization.

Please look at my resume (or CV) for more links and citations.


Purdue University

Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics

Large Data Visualization

2013/8 - 2017/12

Purdue University

Masters of Science
in Mathematical Statistics

2013/8 - 2014/8

Iowa State University

Bachelor of Science
in Computer Engineering

2006/8 - 2010/12



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